Do we need a professional breakdown structure

In the past, I would say until middle of XX century, the structure of the professional world was quite simple, a limited number of free professions were present on the market and, at least in Latin countries, they were corresponding more or less to university degrees, subject to public recognition and registration: engineers, lawyers, doctors.
Situation is now completely different: the relationship among professions and university degrees has become a confused matrix, for most professions besides the university degree is necessary some kind of certification that can be issued either by public controlled bodies or by internationally accredited associations.
The role of professional associations is supposed to become more and more important in the next decades, however this development is left to confused market forces without any real coordination: the European Union has been trying to issue some kind of regulation but, in my opinion, without success or, at least, with a limited success.
What we actually need is a professional breakdown structure, made by competent people and universally accepted.


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