Professional CV (ENG)

Dr. Ing. Gianluca di Castri

Chartered Mechanical Engineer

Post-graduate in Economics and Management  (Bocconi, SDA)

Distinguished International  Fellow of the ICEC (International Cost Engineering Council)

Certified Cost Engineer (certified by the AICE, accredited by the ICEC)

Curriculum Vitae (up to date: 31/12/2020)

  1. A.    Personal information
  2. Born in Roma, Italy, the 9th of June, 1947
  3. Italian national, married (1974), one daughter born in 1975
  4. Address: via Don Minzoni 11, I-20060 Pozzo d’Adda MI, Italia
  5. E-mail:
  6. Website:
  7. Blog:
  8. Linkedin:  
  • Consulting
    • Representation
    • Planning of investments in renewable energy fields
    • Project Management & Controls
    • Total Cost Management
    • Asset Management
    • Contract & Claim Management
  • Lecturing at Bocconi and other Universities
  • Main works performed
  • WestDeutsche Landesbank Girozentrale AG & Barclays Capital Ltd: continuous consulting support from 1998 to 2015, started for the appraisal of the outstanding claims of the construction company Torno SpA under liquidation procedure, Milano, appraisal of claims of related companies and  cooperation to the negotiation between Torno SpA and Torno Internazionale SpA. After Sept., 2001 Barclay’s decided to exit the project, while the activity has been continued in order to  monitor and supervise the claim management relevant to the above, with direct management responsibility on some contracts (as Managing Director of SeGeCo s.r.l., now under liquidation). 
  • OlpiDürr SpA, Milano: continuous support as consultant to the Managing Director from 1988 to date; the main activities have been: project management organisation (1988-90), project management of Hyunday Assan plant in Izmit, Turkey (1996-97), rescue of subcontractor SIETAM (1997), due diligence on ALSTOM (2000).
  • Merloni Progetti (1987): negotiationof an EPCC contract for a water heater factory, 130 000 units per year, in Tripoli, Libya. The main achievement has been that the contract was awarded although the price was higher that other bidding companies, by obtaining that the client  consider life cycle costs
  • Snamprogetti SpA, as project management consultant for the Arak Petrochemical Complex in Arak, Iran  (1991-93): the construction works had a total value of DM 750.000.000= plus IR The main achievements have been relevant to planning and project control, where an integrated methodology and data base have been introduced,  and to the management of claims whose total amount was DM 110.000.000= plus IR
  • Torno Internazionale S.p.A. (2003): appraisal of the status of the contracts and relevant claims belonging to Fiat Engineering S.p.A.
  • Impregilo SpA (2005):  project for the bridge on Stretto di Messina, as coordinator of a working team composed by people from Bocconi University and other parties: project management and control procedures.
  • MIVE SRL (2011-2016): project for the electrical interconnection Sicily to Malta, as consultant for project management and controls
  • Glennmont Partners (formerly BNP Paribas Clean Energy Partners, from 2012 to date): representation and stake-holders management as well as coordination of the activities in Italy
    • Phenix Renewables SRL, Canino VT, 24 MW
    • Enersol SRL, Canaro RO, 48 MW
    • Megasol SRL, Montalto di Castro VT, 13 MW
    • Piano San Biagio, Crotone KR, 30 MW
    • Finpower SRL, Melfi PZ, 60 MW
    • Management support and coordination for new capital projects
  • TAGES Capital (2019), activities relevant to the transfer from Glennmont of the projects held by Phenix Renewables, Enersol and Megasol.

Bocconi University, Milano (2003-11) – Post-graduate course in Total Cost Management – Post-graduate course in Project Management of Public Works. From 2012 the course is being held at FAST (Federazione delle Associazioni Scientifiche e Tecniche) premises.

LUISS, Roma (2009) – Post graduate course in Project Controls & Contract Management.

AICE / FAST, Milano (2012 to date) – Post-graduate course in Total Cost Management

  • , project control and claim management relevant to the completion works of the integrated workshop of the Italian railways in Milano (1993-94), value of the works MLit 170.000= (1 MLit = 1.000.000 Italian Lire)
  • (1994), appraisal of the contract relevant to the construction works of the integrated workshop for the underground railway, face value of the contract  MLit 105.000=
  • (1994): organisation study for the Public Works Authority
  • (1994): business plan for privatisation of the maintenance of the Italian Railways
  • (Italian Railways, 1995): planning and project control of the engineering, procurement and construction works of the workshop MAV in Roma.
  • (1995): proposal management
  • (1996), as management consultant for organisation, contract management and project management.
  • , BudaPest, as consultant for privatisation of the company (1997) as well as for the refurbishing of their office building in BudaPest
  • Milano (Municipality Corporation for Ecological Services, 1998), as contract management consultant for
  • (1998): project finance consultant for the project for refurbishing of Palace Hotel in BudaPest (1998), value of the project DM 40.000.000=
  • , Bolzano (2001-03): planning and project control, remote heating plants located in Madonna di Campiglio and San Martino di Castrozza, Italy.
  • , Faenza (2002-03): planning, project control and cost control system and procedures for the whole company.
  • , Milano (2002-04):   planning, project control and cost control system and procedures for the whole company.
  • Milano (2003): preliminary studies for the new organisation of the related company ValleCrati SpA.
  • (2005-06): planning & project control for the engineering, procurement,  construction, precommissioning and commissioning of Mesaieed Steel Mill in Qatar.
  • (2007-08): consultant for PALAIS Project relevant to management of cultural heritage and relevant assets.
  • (2009-11):consultant for claim appraisal and management, contract for construction of electrical duct for ERG power station in Siracusa
  • (2010): consultant for claim appraisal and management, real estate project “Filanda Mangili”

For several postgraduate courses in the following disciplines: contract management; planning, scheduling and project control; project management; project financing; project organisation.

  • Colosio (2012)
  • EFESO (2016)
  • Percassi (2020)
  • Tenovca (2020)

Engineering company  with about 200 people, most of them graduates, whose field of activity was design and engineer offshore platforms, marine works, pipelines. Started as Design Engineer, from 1974, then as Engineering Coordinator, responsible of a design and engineering team.

The works performed have been design and engineering of offshore drilling and production platforms in North Sea, Italy, Congo (Agip Loango field).

Together with other companies, Ingeco was part of the Altech Group (Allied Technology Holding), with a total of about 4000 people in several countries. As Project Coordinator, the main works performed have been

As Project Manager, with full responsibility for the construction (joint venture Aerimpianti – Ipisystem) of two prefabricated hospitals in Sulaibikhat, Kuwait. Value of the project US$ 48 millions.

Other works performes have been relevant to al-Tuwaitha Nuclear Power Station near Baghdad, Iraq and to Superphoenix Project.

As General Manager of the Company in Libya. The company, whose activity was prefabricated construction on a turnkey basis, was organised into three branches in Tripoli, Binghazi and Tobruq with a total of 500 people about.

The most important achievement has been to keep the company in business, although it was under liquidation in Italy (1985), until merging with African Arab Engineering Company.

The main contracts have been construction of three pre cast supermarkets, five clubs for the officers of the Army, a complex for the Military Academy in Misratah, warehouses, office building, etc. The total value of the projects was LD 41.528.000= equal to US$ 140.000.000= about.

  • Classical Baccalaureate (Roma, 1965)
  • Degree in Mechanical Engineering, with doctorate thesis relevant to submarine pipeline (University of Roma, 1972)
  • Chartered Engineer (Order of Engineers of Roma, 1974; transferred to Milano in 1997)
  • Master in Economics and Business Administration (Bocconi University, Management School, Milano, 1979)
  • Certified Cost Engineer – certified by he AICE, accredited by the ICEC, 1992
  • D.2.                Awards
  • ICEC Region 2 (Europe and Middle East) award for significant contribution to ICEC Region 2 (2012)
  • ICEC Distinguished International Fellow in recognition of significant contributions to the International Cost Engineering 6 Project Cost Management Profession (2012)
  • Congresses, papers


  • Project Management per l’Edilizia” (project management for building construction), 2009, 2.nd ed. 2020
  • Lineamenti di Ingegneria Economica” (outline of total cost management), 1999

Papers: original contribution with papers to the following seminars or congresses:

  • Bocconi University, ASDA, Milano 1980
  • INTERNET (now IPMA), Firenze 1992
  • ICEC World Congress, London 1994
  • Bocconi University, AICE, Milano 1994, 1996,1997, 1998.
  • Industry Association Lecce and Bank of Salento, 1995 
  • Bocconi University, Forum AICE – ICEC, Milano, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006.
  • ICEC World Congress, Calgary, 2000
  • AFITEP, Lille, 2001
  • Bocconi & AICE, Forum on Project Financing at Milano International Fair (Milano, 2001)
  • Bologna International Fair, Forum on Engineering, Bologna 2002 
  • ACostE, London, 2003
  • ICEC-IPMA World Congress, Lubiana, 2006
  • MTISD 2008 – Methods, Models and Information Technologies for Decision Support System (2008)
  • ICEC-IPMA Reaearch Group, Portoroz, 2011
  • NETLIPSE, Bari, 2011
  • ICEC World Congress, Durban 2012, as key-note speaker
  • ICEC Word Congress, Milano 2014
  • ICEC World Congress, Rio de Janeiro, 2016
  • Project Control Expo, 2020

Other papers: about 90 papers in different languages (Italian, English, French), from 1979 to date.

Acta Structilia: Member of the Scientific Board

Il project manager: Member of the Scientific Board

MUVIG, Virtual Museum of the painter Garofolo: Member of the Steering Committee (2017-19)+

ICEC 2012: Member of the Scientific Committee

ICEC 2014: Congress Director – Coordinator of the Scientific Committee

ICEC 2016: Member of the Scientific Committee

  • D.5.                Professional associations
  • Italian Institute of Chartered Engineers (Ordine degli Ingegneri), 1974 to date
  • AICE – Associazione Italiana di Ingegneria Economica, Italian association for total cost management, member of the ICEC (International Cost Engineering Council),from 1978 to date; elected to the Directive Committee from 1994 to date, Italian delegate to the ICEC from 1996 to 2005, President from 2005 to 2011.
  • ICEC – International Cost Engineering Council:
    • Director, Region 2 (2012-14, 2014-16)
    • Admin. Vice Chair (2016-18)
    • Senior Vice Chair (2018-20)
    • Chair (2020)
  • D.6.                Professional skills
  • Project  management, multi project management
  • Total cost management, cost engineering
  • Planning & project control
  • Contract management, claim management
  • Change management
  • Evaluation, appraisal of contracts or claims as well as of complete engineering and construction companies
  • Organisation by project
  • General management of engineering and construction companies
  • D.7.                Other skills
  • Cultural level based on classical studies, kept updated with main attention to classical Greek and Latin language, philosophy, history.
  • University studies kept updated with main attention to thermodynamics, mechanics, mathematics, steel structures, power generation.
  • Integrated professional knowledge including economics, law, organisation and all disciplines related to the total cost management
  • Other knowledge due to personal studies: languages, artificial languages and classification, heraldry, military history, history of Spain and Naples in XVI and XVII century, history of religions, photography, chess. 
  • D.8.                Extra-professional activities
  • Summer course of German language and culture at University of Wien (1969-70)
  • Course of Arabic language at Is.M.E.O. (Milano, 1980)
  • Courses of theology and biblical culture (Milano, 1993 to 98)
  • Member of the parish council and of related committees (1993-2006), delegate to the XLVII council of the local catholic church of Milano (1993-94)
  • Member of the council of the Diocesis of Milano (2005 to 2015)
  • Founder and Chairman of the Cultural Catholic Association “Lumen Gentium” (2006)