Professional presentation

Gianluca di Castri (1947), Chartered Mechanical Engineer (1972), Post-graduater in Economics and Master in Business Administration (Bocconi, 1979), Certified Cost Engineer (EIE / ICEC A, 1992) has a wide professional experience in Total Cost Management as well as in Project Management and Controls for Engineering & Construction Projects, achieved as project manager, member of the general management team and then director of international Engineering & Construction Companies.

In recent years, his consulting activity has been mainly relevant to Cost Management, Project Management and Controls, Asset Management, Contract and Claim Management; he is lecturing in the said disciplines at Bocconi University in Milano as well as at LUISS University in Roma and at the FAST in Milano. He is author of more than eighty papers as well as of two books: “Project Management per l’Edilizia (2009)”, “Lineamenti di Ingegneria Economica (1999)”.

From 2005 to 2011 has been elected President of the AICE (Italian Association for Total Cost Management), after having been for more than 10 years member of the Directive Board as well as Delegate to the ICEC. In 2012 and in 2014 he has been appointed by the council of the delegates of the ICEC as Director for Region 2 (Europe of Middle East), then in 2016 as Admin. Vice Chair, in 2018 as Senior Vice Chair. In 2020 has been elected to the Chair, his term is due to expire in 2022.

He has also been acting as Congress Director and Coordinator of the Scientific Committee for the ICEC World Congress 2014 in Milano, Italy.

In June, 2012, has been awarded the Distinguished International Fellowship of the ICEC (International Cost Engineering Council).

He is connected to a wide international network of professionals with experience in Total Cost Management, Project Management & Controls, Contract and Claim Management, Project Finance, Life Cycle Management and related fields.