Two years as ICEC Chair

On the of June, 2022, at the World Congress of the International Cost Engineering Council in Rotterdam, my term of service has expired and I became the Immediate Past President, while José Angelo S. do Valle, from Brazil, shall be the new Chair up to 2024.

I have been defined as “the Chair with the most difficult term of service since the beginning of the ICEC” and as “the one that has been able to keep the ICEC together in so a difficult time”.

While I agree that my term of service was a difficult one, mainly due to pandemics problem, I do not know whether the second statement is true or not, this is why I believe the ICEC has been held together by the willingness of the associations to continue to work together more than by the action of single person. However I accepted the compliment and thank for this.

As Chair of the ICEC, I declared open the Congress on the of June and, two days after, I had to declare it closed, on behalf of the new Chair who could not be present due to personal reasons.

Let’s report here a summary of my final speech:

“Every dignity has a symbol, the Pope has a triple tiara, the Kings have the crown and the Chair of the international Cost Engineering Congress has a gavel. Up to 2018 this gavel has been delivered directly, hand to hand, by the outgoing Chair to the incoming Chair, in 2020 I have received it by post since the Council that elected me was held online only due to the pandemics and I’ll deliver again by post to Angelo, my successor, who cannot be present due to personal reasons. This is quite sad, and I hope it will be the last time and that starting from 2024 the gavel will be again delivered hand to hand.
I am honored to inform you that my successor will be José Angelo S. do Valle, from Brazil and that the new World Congress shall be held on Accra, Ghana, in 2024, date still to be defined.
On behalf of the new ICEC Chair I then declare closed the World Congress. 2022, here in Rotterdam”

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