Lack of entrepreneurship

Due to the lack of the true entrepreneurship in majority of developed economies, the Investment Funds have first limited and then replaced the Entrepreneur: the function of ther Investmernt Funds in collecting funds is of paramount importance in the eccomonic suystems of the XXI century, however some entrepreneurship is anyway necessary.

By this way, we are at risk that any Entrepreneurship be completely lost. As a matter of fact, the Funds have not and are not supposed to have internal entrepreneurship, since they are supposed to focus on finance. In other words, they are Investors, they are not Entrepreneurs.

Useless to say, this does not mean that internally be not possible to find people with high technical and economic background and entrepreneurial capacity or that they can successfully delegate this function to high profile consultants, it only means that important decisions are made by Investment Committees that are focused on finance and whose aim is to minimize the risks, mainly during engineering and construction phase.   

The consequence on the political and economic system as a whole can be the lack of innovation and, without innovation, the economic development becomes a dream.


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