Women in Italy

It’ s common thinking that working women in Italy are in the worst position if compared to other European countries. However, some  data published by the authoritative magazine “Le Scienze”, November 2017 (pages 7 and 88), that are relevant to universities and scientific research, are telling something different.

Le Scienze nov 17 pag 88

  1. Doctorate degree: women are 53%, compared to 47% in the European Union
  2. University career: at first level, women are more than 50% only in Italy and Spain, at second level in Italy 54% compared to 29% in Germany and 30% in France, at third and fourth level there is more difference among men and women, apparently this could be due to the fact that a lot of women have started their career recently
  3. Salary: the difference between men and women is 7% only, compared to 25% in United Kingdom.

Albeit limited to the universities and scientific research, those data are saying that Italy is not necessarily the last in Europe.


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