Facebook is a tool, as any other tool it can be either used or misused. It allows you to keep in contact with friends or relatives that are living in different parts of the world, to find again old friends or schoolmates that you thought lost forever, because life brought you somewhere else. Useless to say, the contact through Facebook is not the same as meeting people face to face, but this is not the real alternative: in majority of cases, the real alternative is to have a virtual contact or nothing at all. We are leaving in a world that is completely different from the world of previous generations, where people and families were living in the same place for centuries.

The Italian writer Umberto Eco told that “the social networks have given the right to speak to legion of stupid persons that before that had the possibility to speak only at the pub, in front of a glass of wine, and now have the same right to speak of a Nobel prize” (http://www.ilfattoquotidiano.it/2015/06/11/umberto-eco-contro-i-social-hanno-dato-diritto-di-parola-a-legioni-di-imbecilli/1766817/ –   https://www.facebook.com/PressappochismoLovers/photos/pb.1597783297131956.-2207520000.1456492863./1698472543729697/?type=3&theater). This is true.

On the other side, social networks give the right to speak to people who wants to say something positive, to share culture or thoughts. Their possibility to speak, without the social networks, would be limited to an elegant drawing room in front of a glass of cognac. This is what, personally, I’m trying to do, and no one is forced to read what I’m writing.


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