On 15/10/17 my friend Ken Humphreys posted:

When you dig up ghosts from the past, burying them again is a phenomenal undertaking.

I think the matter is worth to ne analysed in depth:

  • Some people live always in the present, they have not any ghost.
  • Other people live in the continuity of past, present and future (probably because they have read too much of St. Augustinus,  this is why they have ghosts) and before burying the ghost again they have to deal with him.

In some cases, you do not dig for them, since they appear spontaneously due to any reason, maybe you see them on television or in an old picture or even in a dream.

If the ghost is a person already dead, you must pray for him: this will give you peace and, if it is the case, will help his soul.

If the ghost is a person still alive, maybe someone you did not make apologies that were due, or to whom you did or did not say something, or you did not do something, you must try to face your ghost because, if you do not do that, your ghost will remain present, in front of you, waiting to define whatever is still pending, and he will be always young, like the last time you met him in real life, while you are getting older.

In majority of cases, you will understand that there is not anything more to say, no common interest left, and the ghost will bury himself automatically: to keep him buried it will be enough a message every year, for Christmas or birthday.

Sometimes, it can be more complicated, the earth of the matter is to say to him “I’m still alive, I did not forget you” and that will in majority of cases be enough.

To be honest, there are more difficult issues




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