Re-engineering the Western civilization

This is the title of a paper I’m preparing, that is part of a more ambitious project, namely a book on the relationship between engineering and economic development. The book shall be in Italian, while the paper shall be in English and shall probably be presented at the next ICEC World Congress.

It’s beyond of any doubt that our civilization, I mean the Western civilization, with the focus on Europe, is going through a process of decadence that has started by beginning of XX century and it’s continuing  to now.

The question is whether we can do something to stop, or at least to delay, such process. As members of this civilization, proud to be West European, it’s our duty to do what we can to keep our identity as well as to keep alive our culture, but what? And how? A lot of books have been written on the matter, we can find the pessimistic side in majority of the authors, however we can find some optimism, may be some hope, in authors such Niall Ferguson and Rodney Stark.

The contribution I want to make will not be on giving new ideas, but will focus on a synthesis of the different aspects, causes and effects, threats and opportunities, hoping to identify if and how there is a way out.


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