Equitable payment

The complete text of the article presented by me to the ICEC world congress in Rio de Janeiro is available here: https://www.academia.edu/33520870/Equitable_payment_and_social_inequalities

  1. Time span of discretion is the focus of an extensive research conducted over a period of 50 years by Elliott Jaques and others. The concept allows understanding and measuring several elements related to the complexity of a task, complexity of a role and the capability of a person. more details).
  2. The time span of discretion can be used as a guideline to create a system of ranks in order to divide rank from role as well as to compare roles and then working levels and related payment in different organisations. This is quite normal in major organisations; reference can easily be made to the military structure.
  3. Each person at a certain time of his life is able to work at a certain individual time span of discretion corresponding to his level of culture, experience, and professional capacity as well as of psychological maturity. The individual time span of discretion increases with the age, the time span corresponding to 55 years of age is defined “nominal time span of discretion”.
  4. The use of this measuring method, besides allowing comparisons between roles in different organisations and dimensioning of the payment system, allows to compare the individual capacity to the job assigned as well as to make some assumption with regards to the potential capacity.
  5. The individual capacity should be congruent with the role and with the payment.
  6. The differential payment that is considered equitable increases with the increasing of the general level of the economic system.


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