Energy minister

Who would be an energy minister? Fuel and gas prices are soaring, smaller suppliers are going bankrupt and the political opposition claims people will freeze to death during a winter of power cuts. Green activists protest you are not decarbonizing fast enough, while others are blaming you for the big bet on renewable power that earned you praise just months ago. (Financial Times – partner content – January 2022)

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  1. The inadequacy of the Italian National Plan for Energy and Climate, as well as of the New Green Deal of the European Union has been reported by many parties and on several occasions, even before their approval; but with no concrete result other than veiled or blatant condemnation of dissident critics. Today, in a climate of war in the middle of Europe, financial analysts observe that a new economic order could be based on raw materials as collateral, opening up to the hypothesis of payments in yuan for crude oil, rather than tying the guarantee of security offered by the exclusive use of the dollar for oil trading. The world is silently watching the change and again the critical voices go unheard. One wonders if the sanctions on Russia should actually lead to its default, it would not immediately reflect on the European economies. In this case, could the compromised financial stability of the EU due to effects on the Euro also compromise global finance that would implode in rivers of paper money or equivalent certificates?

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  2. I believe we must be ready for hard time to come, the possibility that Europe be involved in a major war in one or two year time is real. It follows that Europe must prepare its economy, inceasing the production capacity and trying to be autonomous as much as possibile on energy point of view. History is repeating again and over again the same patterns.

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