Simulation models for project management and controls

In disruptive times project management & controls is becoming extremely difficult due to uncertainty and unexpected events.

In case of unexpected events, decisions must be taken effectively and quickly, sometimes without having the time to consult with the staff or to request the approval of superior authorities. No time neither for studying alternatives nor for analysing risks and costs and benefits In general, the wrong decision makes less damages than no decision; however, it would be better to make the right decision ot, at least, the best decision possible.

In order to reduce the risk of making the wrong decision, decision makers should be go under a proper formative training that can be done in several ways:

  • Theoretical courses
  • Formative courses
  • Exercises
  • Simulation (based on real or hypothetic cases)
  • Enhancement of own professional experience

The example comes from militaries: as a matter of fact, the military manoeuvres are a simulation of war that should allow commanders and teams to react to unforeseen event in a quite authomatic way.

When the event arises in the real war, there is no time to discuss about the best decision to be made since everyone would be killed while analysing the problem. In some unforeseen events during life cycle of a project something similar can happen, albeit in a way that is not so dramatic.


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