Personal method to loose weight

In order to reduce your body weight you do not need diets, counting calories, extravagant pills and so on, you only need a scale and an Excel file (I think you can use the equivalent Open Office file or other Linux alternatives: the good new is that you can lose weight even in case you haven’t Windows 10)

Using the scale, you will know your weight every day, same hour and same conditions, with the approximation to one decimal after the kg.

On the excel file you prepare at least the following colums:

  1. Date
  2. Weight
  3. Mobile mean, last 7 days
  4. Mobile mean, last 30 days
  5. Weight lost
  6. Minimum weight (from date you have started registration)
  7. Days from minimum weight 

The graph is advisable in order to project your future weight with proper regression formula. You do not need anything more than this, things will go on automatically.

Useless to say, the method will work if the overweight is not due to specific dis-functional causes but only to the fact that you are eating too much.


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