Cortina, 1972

These pictures have been taken in Cortina d’Ampezzo, August 1972. I am together with Maurizio PetitBon, my best colleague of High School and University as well as my best personal friend.

We were close friend at that time, his home was few hundred metres from mine, we were meeting each other quite daily, preparing together some exams, frequenting more or less the same friends.

The first picture was taken near my “glorious” car “BMW 2002 tii” (I still remind the plate number ROMA K02083), the second one on the way of the “rifugio Palmieri”.

It has been the last real summer holiday: as a matter of fact, albeit both of us were already graduated, with a contract in our pocket, we did not start working yet so we still were in a position to enjoy the freedom of the student, without the constraints of being a career men or a professional, but on the other side with the confidence in ourselves typical of just graduated persons, who feel to have the world in their hand.

Less than one month after that, beginning of September, 1972, I started working in Milano, my glorious car was stolen, and Maurizio, if my memory does not fail, had his first assignment in London.

We remained good friends albeit life has divided us, Maurizio had his career mainly in UK and in the States and now lives in London, while I had mine in Middle East countries and I’m now living near the Adda river, middle way Milano to Bergamo.

Of those days, I still remind a person we met in Cortina, he was a family friend of Maurizio, a mechanical engineer whose age was about 75 at that time, born in Cortina still under Austrian government: he went to first world war with the Austrian army and was sent to Russia and then taken prisoner. Escaped from concentration camp in 1918, he joined the White Russian army and fought with them against the Red Army, then left Russia from Vladivostok through Alaska and came back to Italy, in Cortina that was not Austrian anymore.
Are there any such characters left today?21317908_10155698899534660_7039675314854307350_n21231802_10155698899544660_4559788662041819604_n


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