Using the software without being its slave

The development of computer software, in every field of human activity, has allowed an increase of capacity and individual productivity, in some areas more than in others. However, when using software, humans must always know the theory and the algorithms the software itself has been built on. While there are computer programs that allow to operate even without full awareness of the basic criteria, this, besides being dangerous, does not make sense.

It’s dangerous because those who work in this form are performing a series of mechanical operations, without being really aware of what they are doing and withour being able to apply any critical faculty.

Does not make sense because, in every organization, instead of androids, we need humans: the meaning of human presence is the ability, at all levels,  to make discretionary decisions and to assume the relevant responsibility.

I wish to conclude with a trivial example: those who bought a word processor, do not become, for this very fact, capable of writing the Divine Comedy. In reality, they can only write the same nonsense that wrote before but, thanks to the possibility of using “cut and paste”, they can write a lot more, and do more damage.


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