Local consent

Every company, either local, national or international, has offices, plants or other premises in definite locations. It’s important then to create the conditions for a wide consent in any location where the company is represented. Useless to say, creation of consent is a money costing activity, since it’s required to be active in supporting charities, promoting cultural events and other activities, apparently this money has no return. However, in case something goes wrong, the cost of not having consent can be dramatically high. Then the creation of a local consent is a kind of insurance.

Local consent is composed by several components:

  • a favourable perception of the company among the local people (social consent)
  • a good relationship with the local authorities and other public entities
  • a good relationship with other local stake-holders and private entities

Major companies, besides local consent, should take care of creating a favourable impression at all levels where the company is working. Minor companies generally to not have any chance to work on consent on a national basis, then they must concentrate on local consent.

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