The World Congress 2014 is over, now we wait for the next one

The process to decide the location of the ICEC World congress of 2014 has been started in 2008, at the Region 2 meeting in Roma, where the AICE has proposed to host the congress and the Region 2 has decided to support this proposal. Then further meetings in several parts of the World and eventually, in June 2012, the final announcement: the next congress to be held in Milano, in October 2014.
After that, the real work started: put in charge the organising committee as well as the scientific committee, the secretariats and whatever else needed to execute the project, that is the normal work to organise every congress, becoming more and more heavy as far as the date becomes nearer.
Eventually, in October, the congress has been held: two days of internal and inter-association meetings and three days of congress. Now it’s over, it’s time to write down the balance sheet and to ask ourselves whether it has been worthy to do it. From the delegate point of view, the congress can be defined successful: everything went on smoothly, no major problems, the gala dinner has been good; the only remark that some African delegates could not join us due to visa problem, however that problem was completely beyond of our control.
Attendance has been less that we were expecting: it could be too easy to attribute that fact to the general economic crisis, and probably this is part of the problem. However, in the next couple of months, during the closing procedure, we must try to understand in details if other problems, besides what we already know, could have caused the reduced attendance.
From the AICE point of view, we shall compare the objectives we were aiming at with the actual result, before we can know whether the congress has been a success or not, and the same should be done from ICEC point of view. An other important issue has been to tighthen our relationship with other associations, such as CEEC, IPMA and RICS: an important point to be taken care of in the future.
In reality, we have not yet finished our work: still we have two or three months for the closing procedure and for all relevant consideration, still we must work on it.
This congress would not have been possible without the commitment of some members of the association, as well as of the ICEC, that have helped us in performing all the works to be done and we must thank them again, together with the people that has been working in the organisation as well as in the secretariats.
Now we are waiting for the next one, in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro.


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