We refer to the article published on ICEC Round-Up (march 2010)  “AICE and Bocconi University joint venture for the ICEC world congress” as well as to the article “My vision for ICEC in the coming years” by Carsten Wredstrøm, published on the same issue of the Round-Up.
To prepare the ground for the congress we have already proposed a research process aiming at updating and integrating the body of knowledge of the ICEC as well as at establish how the “body of knowledge” can be a catalyst for sustainable business development.
In our opinion, it is important to outline the peculiarities of the ICEC towards other related associations or corporate bodies such as IPMA and PMI and to make from these peculiarities the strength of the ICEC.
Basically, this is to say first that we must point out the differences between project management and project controls, that are very clear in English speaking Countries but much less distinct in Mediterranean Countries. In our opinion,
  • the first strong point of the ICEC certification is the emphasis on controls instead of focusing on management and,
  • the second strong point is the attention given to life cycle costs instead of being limited to construction costs.
We suggest to start building a third strong point, to be discussed and defined between all member associations. This point, however, shall be of paramount importance for European association while could be less sensitive for associations in other part of the world, this is why we shall propose it initially to the Region 2 members. In detail, in Europe there is a growing importance of Public Private Partnership that, under several aspects, is becoming a key aspect of the governance in the next years. As things are now, the cost management of such partnership are neither standardized nor completely defined, and we believe there is a wide room for the ICEC associations to work. 
We fully agree with Carsten statement, “ICEC has existed for well over 30 years now, but needs to further develop its mission of improving the professional level by taking advantage of the unique position ICEC has in the project world” and we believe that we should work together to better define why ICEC position is unique and to improve it.
We then kindly request to all member associations as well as to individuals to give us their opinion about it and to inform about their availability to cooperate in this project. In order to make communication easier, as well as to widen our  action, we shall create in the next few days a group on LinkedIn.


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