ICEC full council 2020

I have been elected yesterday, by the full council of all the member associations, to the Chair of ther International Cost Engineering Council for the term 2020-22.

Here below my speech at the end of the session.

A few years ago, when I started down the road which would lead to the Chair of ICEC, I would never have thought that I would arrive under these conditions.
I will probably be the first “virtual Chairperson” in the history of the ICEC. As all of you are aware, virtual meetings and conferences cannot replace in person meetings, one loses the potential for effective networking, fireside chats, random brainstorming and all non verbal communication is lost. However, this is our current reality so as they say, “the show must go on.”
During my two-year term, I will intend to focus on a few objectives which sit at the core of the organisation:
1 – We will redouble our efforts to collaborate with other associations and work with them to chrystalise the definition of the “project profession” which has become opaque and fragmented over the years.
2 – We also aim to curtail membership attrition and encourage virtual engagements among the members, to ensure a common purpose is refreshed and standards remain consistent.
3-We will complete the international glossary for the main international languages.
I take the opportunity to thank the appointments committee and the associations that brought me to this Chair: I am honoured to have been appointed president of the ICEC and proud to be the first Italian who holds this position. Most of all, I am looking forward to working with you all to improve ICEC and navigate these challenging times.


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