Murtala Oladapo

Murtala Oladapo has been the Charman of the ICEC (International Cost Engineering Council) for the term 2010-12, his activity has been the origin of important results.

I believe that the most important among them has been the registration as an NGO (non-governmental organization) in Roster Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations; I remember that at the same time I was involved with the procedure for registration with the European Union, and we had the opportunity to have a significant exchange of views during a meeting of Region 2 in London, where he was present as Chairman of the ICEC and myself as Director of Region 2 (Europe and Middle East).

His commitment, during his two-year term, has been intense and significant: after this period, he resumed to devote himself full time to his professional activity.

He was the author of several publications, among which I recall in particular the one relating to the contractual organization of construction in various countries of the world: I had the opportunity to use it among the sources of my book, published in 2009.

I owe to his term in the chair of the ICEC  my admission to the  limited group of Distinguished International Fellows of the ICEC as well as the Award (Region 2 Award) “for significant contributions to Region 2”: both were publicly awarded by him at the ICEC World Congress in Durban, South Africa, in June 2012.

Murtala’s disappearance is a mourning for us and for the entire ICEC.

Gianluca di Castri – Senior Vice Chair of the ICEC



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